on imitation

this month’s article in southwest writers’ publication, southwest sage, takes a look at the work of my favorite writer, ken bruen, and addresses imitation of highly-stylized writing in on imitation (front page).

i would never venture to attempt what ken bruen does, but it was great fun to pick apart his style.  in my estimation, he is the master of the noir genre.

on finding a reason to join the crowd

this month’s article in southwest writers’ publication, southwest sage, focuses on being an introvert and on finding a reason to join the crowd (page 5).

sometimes writing is easy, like siphoning words from your brain through the keyboard to the screen.  sometimes writing is like pulling teeth.  this month’s column was like pulling very stubborn, mostly rotted teeth.  i think it came out okay, but holy macaroni it was hard-won!

on being hopelessly platformless

this month’s article in southwest writers’ publication, southwest sage, focuses on the much-lauded writer’s platform.  check out on being hopelessly platformless on page 5.

the fact that i haven’t posted anything on my blog in a month indicates i don’t really get the whole concept of the platform.  more disconcerting is that i’m writing this post after about 20 people visited my site in the past few days.

i’m going to figure this platform thing out.  just you watch!